Atomus is your digital partner for managing boats for sale! 🌊⛵

Are you a broker, shipyard or nautical agency and do you have a fleet of boats to sell? Atomus is the cloud solution you can count on to simplify the management of all your boats. Here's what makes Atomus unique:

Centralisation of Data

Atomus allows you to concentrate all your boat information in one place. Upload details such as technical specifications, photos, attachments and prices in an orderly and accessible manner.

Performance Monitoring

Track the performance of your boats. How many views has an ad had? How many enquiries have you received? Atomus provides you with useful data to optimise your sales strategy.

Network Publishing: Maximise Your Vessels' Visibility with Atomus

With Atomus, publishing your boats on Brokermania and other selected portals becomes child's play. Our platform is designed to constantly expand visibility opportunities to include more and more platforms.

Key benefits of Atomus

  • Easy publishing: Upload your boat information once and let Atomus distribute it on the various portals.
  • Reach More Buyers: Access an extended network of potential customers thanks to a presence on major industry portals.
  • Continuous Growth: Benefit from Atomus' commitment to adding new platforms, thus expanding your market reach.
With Atomus, your fleet will be in the eyes of a wider audience, increasing your sales opportunities. Start building your presence in the boating world today with Atomus!

Create PDF Boards with a Click!

With Atomus, creating PDF files for your vessels is an immediate and intuitive process. With a simple click, you can generate different types of documentation:
  • Complete Card: A detailed overview of your boat, with all information and technical specifications.
  • Simplified Sheet: An essential summary of the main features, ideal for quick reference.
  • Broker Friendly Card: Perfect for sharing with brokers, free of company logos and data, to maintain neutrality.
  • Brochure: An elegant and informative document, ideal for impressing customers and promoting sales.
These options allow you to share information efficiently and professionally with customers and colleagues, optimising the process of selling and promoting your vessels.

Cloud Software

Atomus, you don't have to worry about complex installations. This cloud software is accessible from any device connected to the Internet, whether you are using Windows or Mac. Its flexibility allows you to manage your boats from any location, making Atomus the ideal choice for your boating business.

Data Security

Your data is valuable. Atomus offers advanced security levels to protect the sensitive information of your vessels and customers.
Start today with Atomus and take your boat sales business to the next level! ⚓🚢