Engine and sail boat for sale, new and used
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Saver SAVER 690 OPENOpen6,98 m2006Agenzia Ducchi€ 22.900,00
Cerulli GOZZOOpen7,20 m1972Agenzia Ducchi€ 10.000,00
Faeton 29 ScapeOpen7,49 m2006Agenzia Ducchi€ 39.500,00
Baia BAIA ZeroOpen12,21 m1998Agenzia Ducchi€ 110.000,00
Innovazioni e Progetti Mira 40 SCOpen12,66 m2011Agenzia DucchiConfidential negotiation
Tornado Tornado 38' ClassicOpen10,79 m2004Agenzia Ducchi€ 89.000,00
Tigros Tigros CabinOpen6,35 m1992Agenzia Ducchi€ 19.000,00
Cranchi ZAFFIRO 34Open10,34 m2004Agenzia DucchiConfidential negotiation
Menorquin MENORQUIN 160 HARD TOPOpen16,40 m2007Agenzia Ducchi€ 255.000,00
Comitti Wooden Boats VENEZIA 22Open6,50 m Agenzia Ducchi€ 100.600,00
Cantieri dell'Adriatico PERSHING 40Open12,18 m1990Agenzia Ducchi€ 119.000,00
Cranchi ZAFFIRO 28Open7,44 m2006Agenzia Ducchi€ 45.000,00
Mileo GOZZO MT. 8,35 IN LEGNOOpen8,35 m1988Agenzia Ducchi€ 49.000,00
Sangermani MOTONAVEOpen10,56 m1966Agenzia Ducchi€ 18.000,00
Boston Whaler 17 MONTAUKOpen5,20 m1977Agenzia Ducchi€ 7.500,00
Molinari MASTER ONE 25Open7,60 m1988Agenzia Ducchi€ 11.000,00
Gobbi GOBBI 425 SCOpen13,66 m2004Agenzia Ducchi€ 140.000,00
Quicksilver quicksilver 705 ActivOpen7,50 m2013Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Pershing Pershing 52 HTOpen16,70 m2003Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Innovazioni e Progetti MIRA 36 Open11,24 m2001Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Jeanneau Prestige 42 SOpen11,98 m2009Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Sunseeker Sunseeker 52 HT PredatorOpen17,60 m2009Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Atlantis Atlantis 40 Hard TopOpen12,63 m2010Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Dellapasqua Dellapasqua DC 8Open8,50 m1986Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Innovazioni e Progetti MIRA 40Open11,98 m2005Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Bavaria Bavaria 33 SportOpen9,96 m2009Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Atlantis Atlantis 35Open10,40 m2008Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Mano' Marine Manò 28.50Open9,60 m2006Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Sessa Marine Sessa C46Open14,68 m2010Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Space Victoria 32 HT Open10,00 m2009Mania BluNot specified
Gobbi Gobbi 315 Open9,99 m2004Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Gobbi Gobbi 27 sportOpen8,63 m1994Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Cranchi Mediterranee 40Open12,11 m1991Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Mano' Marine Manò 26.50Open9,22 m2007Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Bayliner Bayliner 33.5Open9,88 m2008Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Cigala & Bertinetti Qasar 37Open11,63 m1994Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Cranchi Smeraldo 37 Open11,20 m1997Mania BluConfidential negotiation
AB Yachts Follia 55Open17,40 m1998Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Chaparaal Signature 350Open10,57 m2007Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Bavaria Bavaria 300 OpenOpen-2002Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Quicksilver quicksilver 540 cruiserOpen5,35 m2012Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Bayliner BAYLINER 320 Open9,88 m2009Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Jeanneau Leader 805Open7,49 m2001Mania BluNot specified
Beneteau Ombrine 900Open9,15 m2000Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Rio Rio 35 CruiserOpen9,99 m2005Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Fiart Mare Fiart 30 Open9,60 m1988Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Fairline Targa 33Open9,99 m1990Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Sea Ray Sea Ray 315Open9,47 m2009Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Bavaria Bavaria 35 SportOpen10,56 m2007Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Innovazioni e Progetti Mira 34 Open10,20 m2000Mania BluNot specified
Linssen Yachts Linssen 470 Open14,70 m2002Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Space Space 360 HT Open9,99 m2005Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Bavaria Bavaria 37 HTOpen11,95 m2008Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Bavaria Bavaria 38 HTOpen11,80 m2011Mania BluConfidential negotiation
Tecnomar C.N. Benetti 37Open-1996MBROKER€ 59.000,00
Bellingardo 20 DayOpen6,00 m2000MBROKER€ 12.000,00
Azimut 43 Sport HTOpen13,37 m2008MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Princess V55Open17,04 m1999MBROKER€ 235.000,00
Atlantis Yacht Atlantis 42Open12,55 m2006MBROKER€ 250.000,00
Bavaria 32 SportOpen10,20 m2006MBROKER€ 62.000,00
Chaparaal signature310Open9,23 m2007Agenzia Assoshipping€ 120.000,00
Princess Riviera 406Open12,65 m1992MBROKER€ 105.000,00
Sessa Marine C 42Open12,80 m2006MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Baia cantieri aqua 54Open17,00 m2008MBROKER€ 900.000,00
Bayliner 2855Open9,49 m1997MBROKER€ 43.000,00
Sunseeker 44 CamargueOpen13,11 m1998MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Saver 650 cabin sportOpen6,60 m2007MBROKER€ 14.500,00
Chris Craft 33 SedanOpen10,10 m1972MBROKER€ 39.000,00
Sciallino C.N. 23Open7,50 m2008MBROKER€ 39.000,00
Boston Whaler 31 Sport Open11,36 m1990MBROKER€ 85.000,00
Airon Marine 325Open9,78 m2007MBROKER€ 55.000,00
Boston Whaler 31 Sport Open11,36 m1990MBROKERConfidential negotiation
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