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Fipa MAIORA 23Flying Bridge23,00 m1993Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 400.000,00
Riviera Marine 47 FlybridgeFlying Bridge15,11 m2003SUNRISE MARINE SRL€ 290.000,00
Azimut Magellano 53Flying Bridge15,14 m2016SUNRISE MARINE SRL€ 840.000,00
Dellapasqua DC 10Flying Bridge11,30 m2003Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 89.000,00
Rodman 1040Flying Bridge9,85 m2006Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 85.000,00
Antago Yachts 100Flying Bridge30,00 m2003Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 850.000,00
Dellapasqua Dc 45 SL FlyFlying Bridge13,30 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 260.000,00
Sessa Marine FLY 68 GULLWINGFlying Bridge21,20 m2020Marina Yacht Sales srlConfidential negotiation
Sessa Marine FLY 54Flying Bridge16,50 m2020Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 1.066.000,00
Sessa Marine Fly 47Flying Bridge14,50 m2020Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 580.000,00
Sessa Marine FLY 42Flying Bridge13,20 m2020Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 405.000,00
Ferretti ALTURA 36 FLYFlying Bridge10,85 m1989Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 45.000,00
Fairline 40 PHANTOMFlying Bridge11,95 m1996Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 85.000,00
Azimut 42Flying Bridge13,50 m2003Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 165.000,00
Uniesse Marine 40 SCFlying Bridge15,00 m1993Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 115.000,00
Azimut 68 PlusFlying Bridge21,60 m2002Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 575.000,00
Uniesse Marine 40 SCFlying Bridge12,00 m1993Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 77.000,00
Raffaelli REGAL 35 FlyFlying Bridge10,60 m1979Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 39.000,00
Princess Yachts 360 FlyFlying Bridge11,42 m1997Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 94.000,00
Silver James NAVETTA 26,50Flying Bridge26,50 m1957Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 1.250.000,00
Alalunga 22Flying Bridge22,00 m1976Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 395.000,00
Fountaine Pajot MY 44Flying Bridge15,00 m2019Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 702.613,00
Cantieri di Pisa KITALPHA 15Flying Bridge15,00 m1970Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 45.000,00
Aicon 85Flying Bridge23,98 m2008Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 1.250.000,00
Portofino Marine 37 FLYFlying Bridge9,94 m2010Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 175.000,00
Enterprise Marine EM 46Flying Bridge14,86 m2004Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 158.000,00
HI STAR MARINE 52Flying Bridge16,40 m1992Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 68.000,00
Abacus Marine 62Flying Bridge19,00 m2006Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 535.000,00
Ars Mare Advantage 140Flying Bridge15,34 m2001Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 145.000,00
Diano 22Flying Bridge22,80 m1991Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 270.000,00
Riva Superamerica 50Flying Bridge14,40 m1985Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 72.500,00
Azimut AZ 35Flying Bridge11,02 m1986Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 70.000,00
Apreamare Maestro 65Flying Bridge20,16 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 1.090.000,00
Fairline Squadron 52Flying Bridge16,50 m1999Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 250.000,00
Dellapasqua DC 11 S Flying BridgeFlying Bridge11,40 m1986Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 65.000,00
Versilcraft MYSTEREFlying Bridge12,72 m1973Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 45.000,00
Azimut 53Flying Bridge16,70 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 580.000,00
Piantoni EVOLUTION 39Flying Bridge12,00 m1991Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 39.000,00
Costruzioni Navali Tigullio Castagnola AKIOS (C.200)Flying Bridge24,00 m2004Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 400.000,00
Azimut Azimut 64Flying Bridge20,15 m2015Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 1.550.000,00
Azimut Azimut 58Flying Bridge17,88 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 900.000,00
Space 360 FlyFlying Bridge11,90 m2004Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 105.000,00
Cantieri di Pisa AKHIR 27Flying Bridge27,00 m1980Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 220.000,00
Fairline Fairline Brava 33Flying Bridge10,75 m1992Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Ferretti Ferretti Altura 40 FlyFlying Bridge11,85 m1987Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Ferretti Ferretti 36 FlyFlying Bridge11,00 m1989Mania Blu s.r.l.Not specified
Mochi Craft Mochi 35 FlyFlying Bridge10,32 m1983Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Fairline Squadron 43 FlyFlying Bridge13,53 m1993Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Sealine Sealine 320 Fly Flying Bridge10,00 m1994Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Dellapasqua DC 10Flying Bridge10,86 m1987Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Raffaelli ThyphonFlying Bridge9,63 m1980Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Aicon Aicon 52 FlyFlying Bridge16,00 m2004Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Fairline Phantom 50 FlyFlying Bridge15,24 m2008Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Beneteau Antares 10.80Flying Bridge9,99 m2003Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Cayman Cyber Fly 62Flying Bridge20,46 m2005MBROKER€ 400.000,00
Cranchi Atlantique 40Flying Bridge11,83 m2004Agenzia Ducchi€ 135.000,00
Sealine 420 StatesmanFlying Bridge13,03 m1997MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Cantieri Navali del Tirreno Cayman Cayman 42Flying Bridge13,47 m2007MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Intermare 50 FlyFlying Bridge15,60 m2009MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Azimut 46Flying Bridge14,93 m1999MBROKER€ 1.200,00
Azimut 46Flying Bridge14,93 m1999MBROKER€ 1.200,00
ARS Monaco Ars 33 FlyFlying Bridge10,65 m1997MBROKER€ 95.000,00
Azimut 42 FlyFlying Bridge13,12 m2006MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Luhrs 32 FibreglassFlying Bridge9,90 m1970MBROKER€ 66.000,00
Azimut 39 FLYFlying Bridge12,22 m2001MBROKER€ 185.000,00
Azimut 42 FlyFlying Bridge12,90 m2004MBROKER€ 210.000,00
Enterprise M. 43 EM FlyFlying Bridge13,80 m2004MBROKER€ 480.000,00
Azimut 43 FlyFlying Bridge12,90 m2008MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Rizzardi Technema 80Flying Bridge23,95 m2000MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Azimut 50Flying Bridge16,00 m2005MBROKER€ 750.000,00
Fipa Italiana Maiora Maiora 20 SFlying Bridge21,38 m2004MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Azimut 42 FlyFlying Bridge12,90 m2004MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Rizzardi Technema 80Flying Bridge23,95 m2000MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Azimut AZ 42Flying Bridge13,21 m2004MBROKERConfidential negotiation
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