Engine and sail boat for sale, new and used
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Cantieri Nautici Costa Viola Cerion 27.7 FishFisherman8,12 m2006Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 32.000,00
Tiara Yachts 3600 OpenFisherman12,50 m2005Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 180.000,00
Faeton 980 MoragaFisherman9,80 m2002Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 59.000,00
Portofino Marine 11 SPORT FISHFisherman11,80 m2012Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 190.000,00
Tiara Yachts 3100 OpenFisherman10,31 m2001Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 95.000,00
Bertram Yacht 30 FLYFisherman9,50 m1985Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 35.000,00
Bertram Yacht 390 ConvertibleFisherman12,80 m2004Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 200.000,00
Pro-line 29 ExpressFisherman9,20 m2007Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 55.000,00
Starfisher 840Fisherman7,98 m2006Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 49.000,00
Luhrs 31 IPS OPENFisherman10,45 m2009Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 99.000,00
Boston Whaler 31Fisherman9,70 m1990Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 55.000,00
Bertram Yacht 28 Flybridge CruiserFisherman8,71 m1991Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 49.000,00
Rio 35 FLYFisherman10,00 m2016Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 165.000,00
Portofino Marine 10 Hard TopFisherman10,90 m2004Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 75.000,00
Luhrs 300 TournamentFisherman9,58 m1994Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 42.000,00
Bertram Yacht 28' FbcFisherman8,70 m1974Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 79.000,00
Portofino Marine 11 SPORT FISHFisherman11,47 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 177.000,00
Robalo 2550Fisherman7,80 m1980Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 18.000,00
Sea Pro 255 CCFisherman8,30 m2004Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 35.000,00
Pro-line 32 ExpressFisherman10,50 m2008Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 94.000,00
Bertram Yacht 37' ConvertibleFisherman11,70 m1989Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 130.000,00
Pursuit 3400 expressFisherman11,10 m1999Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 105.000,00
Pro-line 220 I/OFisherman6,88 m1998Agenzia Ducchi€ 19.500,00
Tiara Yachts 31Fisherman10,30 m1992Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 78.000,00
Hatteras 42Fisherman13,50 m1988Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 58.000,00
Riva PORTOFINO 34Fisherman10,45 m1976Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 44.000,00
Tiara Yachts 4100 OpenFisherman13,26 m1998Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 140.000,00
Boston Whaler 255 ConquestFisherman8,20 m2007Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 55.000,00
Boston Whaler OUTRAGE 320 50th AnniversaryFisherman10,00 m2007Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 120.000,00
Bimax GENESI 930Fisherman10,30 m2016Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 119.000,00
Tiara Yachts 27 ExpressFisherman8,50 m1992Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 42.000,00
Bayliner Bayliner Trophy 29Fisherman9,32 m2000Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Tecnofiber Tecnofiber Cabin Fish T22Fisherman6,70 m2007Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Bayliner Bayliner 2352 FNFisherman7,14 m2000Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Tecnofiber Tecnofiber T22 FishFisherman7,00 m2006Mania Blu s.r.l.Not specified
White Shark White Shark 236 Fisherman6,94 m2001Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Tuccoli Tucccoli T21Fisherman6,33 m2000Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 805Fisherman8,40 m2005Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Bertram Bertram 25 MoppieFisherman8,70 m1963Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Hydra Sport Hydra Sport 290Fisherman7,93 m2008Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 925Fisherman9,76 m2008Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Coverline Coverline 720 TimFisherman7,20 m2006Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Sciallino C.N. Sciallino 33 CabinFisherman9,90 m1991Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Rio rIO 1000 fISHFisherman10,06 m2000Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Tuccoli Tuccoli T 280Fisherman9,13 m2004Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Ars Mare RS 38 FlyFisherman10,71 m2000Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Faeton Faeton Moraga 1040 FlyFisherman10,40 m2005Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Azimut Azimut 40 FlyFisherman12,35 m1994Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Nautica San Vincenzo Vegliatura 27Fisherman8,10 m2001Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Sciallino C.N. Sciallino 33 FishFisherman9,99 m1987Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Northstar Marine Northstar 320 WaFisherman9,48 m2006Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Portofino Marine Portofino 10 FlyFisherman9,94 m2006Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Space Space 310 FlyFisherman8,95 m2000Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Wellcraft Coastal 360 Fisherman11,90 m2007Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Bertram Caribean 32 flyFisherman9,75 m1997Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
San Vincenzo Vegliatura 27Fisherman7,48 m2006Agenzia Ducchi€ 58.000,00
Pursuit 345 DSFFisherman10,50 m2006MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Jeanneau Merry Fischer 925 FlyFisherman9,76 m2007MBROKER€ 110.000,00
Dellapasqua DC 8Fisherman8,40 m1991MBROKER€ 53.000,00
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