Engine and sail boat for sale, new and used
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Jeanneau PRESTIGE 36Flying Bridge11,60 m2006Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 115.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 43Cabin Fly12,84 m2001Yacht Diffusion Team€ 76.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 42 DSSail boat13,80 m2006Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 108.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 54 DSSail boat16,80 m2005Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 215.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 43Sail boat13,30 m2002Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 100.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 43Sail boat13,30 m2002Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 85.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 49Sail boat15,00 m2006Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 142.000,00
Jeanneau LEADER 805Open7,80 m2008Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 38.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 30Cabin Fly9,24 m1995Agenzia Ducchi€ 35.000,00
Jeanneau JOD 35Cabin Fly10,60 m1993Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 29.000,00
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2 VintageSail boat15,20 m2005Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 210.000,00
Jeanneau PRESTIGE 36Flying Bridge11,60 m2001Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 89.000,00
Jeanneau LEADER 805Day Cruiser7,49 m2002Yacht Diffusion Team€ 35.000,00
Jeanneau LEADER 805Open7,49 m2007Yacht Diffusion Team€ 45.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 54 DSSail boat16,38 m2006Agenzia Ducchi€ 280.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 50 DSCabin Fly14,75 m2009Agenzia Ducchi€ 190.000,00
Jeanneau SUN FAST 35Sail boat10,43 m2005Yacht Diffusion Team€ 70.000,00
Jeanneau Prestige 42 SOpen11,98 m2009Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Jeanneau Prestige 32 FlyFlying Bridge9,60 m2004Yacht Diffusion Team€ 79.000,00
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36iSail boat10,94 m2007Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 43 DSCabin Fly13,21 m2001Agenzia Ducchi€ 105.000,00
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 805Fisherman8,40 m2005Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 925Fisherman9,76 m2008Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2Sail boat15,39 m2005Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Jeanneau Leader 805Open7,49 m2001Mania Blu s.r.l.Not specified
Jeanneau prestige 34 Open10,25 m2007Blue Star Corporation srl€ 102.000,00
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 725 LegendCabin Fish7,25 m2009MBROKER€ 42.000,00
Jeanneau PRESTIGE 34Open10,25 m2008Yacht Diffusion Team€ 119.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 50 DSCabin Fly14,75 m2010Agenzia Ducchi€ 210.000,00
Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 28.1Sail boat8,50 m1995Agenzia Ducchi€ 29.000,00
Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755Walk Around7,52 m2006MBROKER€ 45.000,00
Jeanneau Merry Fischer 925 FlyFisherman9,76 m2007MBROKER€ 110.000,00
Jeanneau Sun Fast 37Sail boat11,40 m2003Diego Veglia € 95.000,00
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P.iva 01660130491  REA LI-146716 - Capitale Sociale  € 22.000,00