Engine and sail boat for sale, new and used
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Master 996 MagnumRubber dinghy9,96 m2015Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 120.000,00
BWA Nautica 22 GT SPORTRubber dinghy6,65 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 23.800,00
BWA Nautica 26 GT SPORTRubber dinghy7,75 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 32.600,00
BWA Nautica 22 GTO SPORT SPECIAL EDITION NEWRubber dinghy6,65 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 29.900,00
BWA Nautica 28 GT SPORTRubber dinghy8,45 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 50.800,00
BWA Nautica 26 GTO SPORT SPECIAL EDITION NEWRubber dinghy7,75 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 42.700,00
BWA Nautica 28 GTO SPORT SPECIAL EDITION NEWRubber dinghy8,45 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 57.800,00
BWA Nautica 30 PREMIUMRubber dinghy9,28 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 94.300,00
BWA Nautica 8.9 TT PREMIUMRubber dinghy8,93 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 121.800,00
BWA Nautica 40 WL PREMIUM NEWRubber dinghy12,60 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 296.400,00
BWA Nautica 34 EFB PREMIUMRubber dinghy10,40 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 183.650,00
BWA Nautica 34 FB PremiumRubber dinghy10,20 m2018Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 119.800,00
SPONSORED BROKER Pirelli PZERO 1100Rubber dinghy11,37 m2012Yacht Diffusion Team€ 105.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER Capelli TEMPEST 900 sunRubber dinghy9,30 m2008Yacht Diffusion Team€ 52.000,00
Jokerboat CLUBMAN 24Rubber dinghy7,46 m2003Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 28.000,00
Med-Extreme 8,5Rubber dinghy8,50 m2016Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 68.000,00
SACS STRIDER 11Rubber dinghy11,00 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 135.000,00
Solemar 23.1 offshoreRubber dinghy7,75 m2015Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 60.000,00
Novamarine Europa NE 180 JET A.T.Rubber dinghy18,30 m2007Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 260.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER Zodiac Italia N-Zo 700 CabinRubber dinghy7,30 m2010Yacht Diffusion Team€ 44.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER Nuova Jolly KING 670 EXCLUSIVERubber dinghy6,70 m2006Yacht Diffusion Team€ 22.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER Solemar 44.1 OceanicRubber dinghy12,80 m2011Yacht Diffusion Team€ 298.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER Solemar 33 OceanicRubber dinghy9,99 m2009Yacht Diffusion Team€ 130.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER BWA Nautica BWA 34 EFB PREMIUMRubber dinghy10,40 m Yacht Diffusion Team€ 121.900,00
SPONSORED BROKER Magazzù MX 11 SPIDERRubber dinghy9,90 m2016Yacht Diffusion TeamConfidential negotiation
SPONSORED BROKER BWA Nautica 42 OPEN EFBRubber dinghy12,00 m2017Yacht Diffusion Team€ 98.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER BWA Nautica 42 OPEN FBRubber dinghy12,00 m2017Yacht Diffusion Team€ 91.600,00
SPONSORED BROKER Pirelli Pzero 1400 CabinRubber dinghy13,79 m Yacht Diffusion Team€ 300.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER Selva 680 EVOLUTION SPECIALRubber dinghy6,75 m2016Yacht Diffusion Team€ 33.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER BWA Nautica 29 PREMIUMRubber dinghy9,18 m2016Yacht Diffusion Team€ 135.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER BWA Nautica BWA 34 PREMIUN 2017 UNLIMITEDRubber dinghy10,20 m2016Yacht Diffusion Team€ 185.000,00
BWA Nautica 19 GT SPORTRubber dinghy5,90 m2017Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 19.400,00
BWA Nautica 18 GT SPORTRubber dinghy5,54 m2017Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 16.990,00
BWA Nautica 14 GT SPORTRubber dinghy4,04 m2017Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 8.900,00
BWA Nautica 17 GT SPORTRubber dinghy5,10 m2017Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 11.900,00
BWA Nautica 15 GT SPORTRubber dinghy4,50 m2017Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 9.900,00
Callegari Callegari 5 mt Rubber dinghy6,00 m2008Mania Blu s.r.l.Not specified
Solemar Italia Solemar 33 OceanicRubber dinghy9,99 m2008Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Heaven HEAVEN 34 CRUISERRubber dinghy9,86 m2006Agenzia Ducchi€ 65.000,00
SPONSORED BROKER CVL Nautica Division Impetus 36Rubber dinghy9,98 m2012Yacht Diffusion Team€ 130.000,00
Capelli Cantieri Tempest 900Rubber dinghy9,30 m2010MBROKER€ 39.000,00
Abate Abate 75 GB EFBRubber dinghy7,50 m2009MBROKER€ 35.000,00
BSC BSC 65Rubber dinghy6,65 m2006MBROKER€ 25.000,00
For Sea Formenti Sky Deck 97 LimitedRubber dinghy9,70 m2010MBROKER€ 150.000,00
Master OPEN 780 E.F.BRubber dinghy7,75 m2010MBROKER€ 44.760,00
Alson 650Rubber dinghy6,50 m1999Nautica Giuliana€ 15.800,00
For Sea Formenti 75 SUITERubber dinghy7,60 m2006MBROKER€ 48.000,00
For Sea Formenti ZAR 65 SUITERubber dinghy6,50 m2004MBROKER€ 32.000,00
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P.iva 01660130491  REA LI-146716 - Capitale Sociale  € 22.000,00