Engine and sail boat for sale, new and used
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Azimut 55 EvoFlying Bridge17,60 m2007Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 380.000,00
Azimut 51 Atlantis MY2018Open14,47 m2018SUNRISE MARINE SRL€ 850.000,00
Azimut Magellano 53Flying Bridge15,14 m2016SUNRISE MARINE SRL€ 840.000,00
Azimut AZ 43Flying Bridge13,53 m1994Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 105.000,00
Azimut Azimut 42Flying Bridge13,33 m2005Marina Yacht Sales srlConfidential negotiation
Azimut AZ 37Day Cruiser11,53 m1988Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 49.000,00
Azimut 40SOpen12,30 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 290.000,00
Azimut 68 PlusFlying Bridge21,60 m2002Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 640.000,00
Azimut 53Flying Bridge16,70 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 650.000,00
Azimut 55SOpen17,30 m2015Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 950.000,00
Azimut 43 AtlantisOpen13,90 m2015Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 425.000,00
Azimut 50 MY 2014Flying Bridge16,20 m2003Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 260.000,00
Azimut Azimut 80 CaratFlying Bridge25,34 m2005Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 1.595.000,00
Azimut 40Flying Bridge13,00 m1998Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 105.000,00
Azimut Azimut 64Flying Bridge20,15 m2015Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 1.550.000,00
Azimut Azimut 58Flying Bridge17,88 m2011Marina Yacht Sales srl€ 900.000,00
Azimut Azimut 40 FlyFisherman12,35 m1994Mania Blu s.r.l.Confidential negotiation
Azimut 43 Sport HTOpen13,37 m2008MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Azimut 39 EvolutionFlying Bridge12,14 m2007Nautica Azzurra€ 300.000,00
Azimut 46Flying Bridge14,93 m1999MBROKER€ 1.200,00
Azimut 46Flying Bridge14,93 m1999MBROKER€ 1.200,00
Azimut 42 FlyFlying Bridge13,12 m2006MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Azimut 39 FLYFlying Bridge12,22 m2001MBROKER€ 185.000,00
Azimut 42 FlyFlying Bridge12,90 m2004MBROKER€ 210.000,00
Azimut 43 FlyFlying Bridge12,90 m2008MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Azimut 50Flying Bridge16,00 m2005MBROKER€ 750.000,00
Azimut 42 FlyFlying Bridge12,90 m2004MBROKERConfidential negotiation
Azimut AZ 42Flying Bridge13,21 m2004MBROKERConfidential negotiation
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P.iva 01660130491  REA LI-146716 - Capitale Sociale  € 22.000,00